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E-money has never been simpler and more flexible. A platform where anybody can create their own e-currency. PokePay, available now!

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Sonar U 電子マネーを活用した全く新しいライブ体験を


竈コイン -Gama Coin-

竈コイン -Gama Coin- Suica x 地域通貨で新しい地域活性化の形を作る

竈コイン -Gama Coin-

favy Pay

favy Pay 自社メディアを活用した新しい経済圏の確立を目指す

favy Pay


SEED 紙運用していた施設内通貨(施設内サービス利用のため)のデジタル化


Let’s work together
to create your original E-currency

PokePay is an easy, open platform where anyone can issue their own original e-money or rewards system.
All done quickly, easily and securely on your users/customers smartphones.Easily scale able to be used by individuals, stores, or regions.


Supports QR code and smartphone touch-based payment.

Charge or make purchases simply by scanning QR, or through contactless tech via the PokePay app.

*QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

Terminals make it easy to charge down to a single yen.

We offer charging terminals that can process individual yen payments, as well as foreign currencies. Charge your custom e-wallet with old coins, leftover foreign currency, or top up using local money.


A cash register that fits in your pocket

PokePay has developed an easy mobile payment register that fits in the palm of your hand. Our system can be used conveniently at outdoor events, in taxis, or on the go. Simply enter the desired price or charge, scan the displayed QR code, or tap your smartphone. We’ve also made it possible to link our tech with existing cash registers, in addition to creating a cash register app for tablets.

Plenty of great ways to use PokePay!

An easy and free way to introduce e-money to your business

There are no initial development costs, and the system can be used without a cash register. Our open API allows you to place orders directly through the menu while simultaneously making online QR payments.

Enhance the customer experience at your business with a rewards program or promotions!

Our system allows you to implement promo’s, campaigns, and more. You can target advertisements based on wallet balance, purchase history, and more.

Easy to implement a system with coupons or promotional codes directly.

Simply generate a QR code for any amount through the management screen API. Its just as easy to create and implement unique coupon codes.

Include our payment system directly in your app.

We’ve designed our system with a simple open source SDK. Its easy to incorporate this technology directly into your companies own application.

Regular currency left over through our app can easily be converted to e-money, gift cards, and more.

Because your e-money can have an assigned “value”, leftover amounts can easily be exchanged for a variety of other e-money, gift certificates, or rewards. Even visitors and tourists can easily use, hassle free.

Ton’s of great ways to use

Retail store

Can be used as a private currency in places like supermarkets, drugstores, and shopping districts.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換


Can be used as a smartphone payment method instead of coupons and prepaid cards.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換

Shopping malls

Can be used as e-currency inside malls for general purchase or to help shop owners run sales promotions.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換

Membership Organizations

Can be used to promote engagement between members and staff as well as a cashless payment method inside facilities.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換

Local currency

Can be used in local business or government by local residents, or tourists.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換

Theme parks/Amusement

Can be used as a currency inside the facility/park for games, activities, stands, or general admission.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換

Local/Special Events

Can be used as a temporary cashless payment method for one time events.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換

Delivery, Courier, Post

Pocket cash register enables anyone to receive and pay money anywhere.
QRコード支払い キャンペーン広告 共通マネーへの交換
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